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The original fan-driven podcast that is dedicated to ranking the BEST of the horror genre.

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Hosts: Jason Swarr, Ben Tirpak, Hank Greenberg


Sep 12, 2019

Is it me? No's definitely you. Join the Death List hosts as they dive face first into the crazy and unstable world of the female serial killer. From baby farming nut-bags to Betty Crocker - body - part recipes, these women show the men how its done!

Aug 29, 2019

There are two things in this world that freak us out, Uncle Creepy's "Play Room" and horror flicks that feature kids. Join the Death List hosts as they highlight these spawns of Satan and round out their Top 10 Creepy Kid movies!

Aug 14, 2019

Who knew the human body is actually kinda tasty? Join the Death List crew as they explore the crazy world of cannibalism and share 5 true stories of real live flash eating sickos! 

Aug 7, 2019

Is mainstream news causing your head to explode? Well, turn that shit off and tune in to your new monthly source of propaganda! From real life psycho's to what's happening in the horror industry, the Death List is covering your top headlines!