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The original fan-driven podcast that is dedicated to ranking the BEST of the horror genre.

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Hosts: Jason Swarr, Ben Tirpak, Hank Greenberg


Jul 18, 2019

Nothing lifts your spirits more than learning about horrible ways to die. Join the Death List crew as they lay out their Top 7 most gruesome ways to end your life and then we wrap it up with some New England ghost stories with horror artists, Peter Swain and Jeanie Blair!

Jul 10, 2019

Everyone is fascinated with American serial killers, but what about those hard working lunatics overseas? This week we dive into some of the insane psychopaths that have terrorized societies  throughout the world....can they stand up to our blood thirsty maniacs in the USA?

Jun 27, 2019

No one likes tight spaces...especially when they are shared with Uncle Creepy! Join the Death List crew as they lay out their Top 5 Claustrophobic Horror Movies and then wrap things up with a kick ass round of Deathlister Q and A!

Jun 19, 2019

Are you a vicious, furry flesh eater or a blood sucking vampire bat? We all favor one side or the other, but which films of these two classic genres make the Death List's Top 10? 

Jun 13, 2019

On this episode of "WTF Did I Just Watch", we venture across the pond to the Greek Isle of Mykonos to view the most f'ed up movie we've seen on The Death List. Murder, sex, incest, gore and the weirdest soundtrack in the horror genre....this movie has it all!